3 Things Blogging On WordPress For The Past 7 Months Taught Me

4 01 2010
  • Formality

I realized on my walk with WordPress that we can be crazily formal. Because when all is just crazy, no one would understand you anymore and it is very important to keep in touch with who’s reading your blog.

  • You don’t need a lot of money

Before considering blogging on WordPress I have tried a lot of times to have my own website FREE. But now it’s clear to me, that’s never gonna happen without letting out some cash off my wallet. Though, there are free stuff on the net that allows you to blog what you want(e.g Multiply). And FYI, social networks are different from blog sites. There, so from there on WordPress was the practically best thing on my opinion that offers you to just blog out what you have in mind. Besides those social networking and micro-blogging sites.

  • Patience+Creativity=Sucess in the blogosphere

In my blogging experience, I’ve learned not to be KSP (“attention hungry”) on the internet, desperate for page views. You’ll just get burned out if you do otherwise. Draining your creativity when it pops out freshly isn’t going to help, you’ll notice after a few days you’re coming up with non sense blog posts already and then soon you’ll lose your readers. So that’s it for the patience part, for the creativity part, it’s pretty self-explanatory. We can come up with anything with our brains, it’s using it wisely that’s a challenge. ;)




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