My First Time to Cash Deposit

7 01 2010

I had to rush to BDO Los Banos earlier today because I had to pay for my website coming soon. So what happened was when I entered the bank, those paper we needed to fill up for any kind of deposit was there. i needed to do “Cash Deposit” so I picked up a form and filled it out. Now at the bottom, it’s where we can write down how much will we deposit, there was a table with denominations,pieces and total. Surprisingly, I didn’t know what denomination really is. The definition in my mind’s dictionary was it was how many something is but I wasn’t sure. Fortunately, there was a girl beside me and I asked her what it was. It was embarrassing but my site’s so delayed already it was suppoused to be launched the end of this week. Then at last after filling out the forms, I had to fall in line with different people and I even saw my English Teacher,people with LOTS of coins which I don’t know why and for what. And then it was my turn, everything went well, payed 50PHP for the charge since the money was to be deposited in a BDO Branch in an SM Mall at the Metro. But for a little something before it was my turn, I had to ask the woman I spoke earlier if there was a charge when depositing money to an account based at Metro Manila, she said “Nako meron ata, 50Pesos pero sa BPI walang charge kahit san.” Nag advertise pa! Coolness.




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