Linkage: Digital Photography School

6 01 2010

Another great site I’ve found is Digital Photography School which¬†offers a lot of digital photography tips for an amateur or a professional photographer. The guy behind the site is Darren Rowse who previously owned a camera review site. The site has an atmosphere of a cyber learning environment since the way the tips are presented almost gives me the feel of being in formal training only, I read the lesson and I teach myself that way. They not only give you tips on general photography but they have some tips on a more specific level like how to do Food Photography. I have personally read their basic training while still dreaming for my Canon EOS¬†500D and even without the camera yet, I still have what I learned on my head right now. For me the best tip I got from the site is a very simple tip in photography called the “Rule of Thirds”. Well, this is it for now and watch out for the next linkage! :)


Linkage: CreativeMYK

1 01 2010

CreativeMYK is one of the websites I encountered with a podcast I watch and it has a great and extensive collection of artworks created by church media designers all around the world. They also offer free downloads on some of the artworks here, some are in .psd,.eps,.ai or so… Their search engine has the capability to analayze what file type do you need for easier acess to their files already so you won’t have any trouble in finding artworks which you can download. You can even get your own account and be a contributor and share your creativity with other church media designers. I am also a contributor and so far I am enjoying another feature the site has where you can critique other’s artwork constructively on how they can improve their designs. You can even rate them with stars! So enjoy this “Linkage” And tune in next time for another one. :)


30 12 2009

Hi everyone! I’m launching a new segment on my blog site called “Linkage”, in this segment i’ll post a lot(hopefully) of cool links suitable from photographers,graphic designers to an average joe that may help you in some way. So stay tuned! The first Linkage will posted on The 1st Day of the year! :)