Something Huge is on its Way!

8 01 2010



My First Time to Cash Deposit

7 01 2010

I had to rush to BDO Los Banos earlier today because I had to pay for my website coming soon. So what happened was when I entered the bank, those paper we needed to fill up for any kind of deposit was there. i needed to do “Cash Deposit” so I picked up a form and filled it out. Now at the bottom, it’s where we can write down how much will we deposit, there was a table with denominations,pieces and total. Surprisingly, I didn’t know what denomination really is. The definition in my mind’s dictionary was it was how many something is but I wasn’t sure. Fortunately, there was a girl beside me and I asked her what it was. It was embarrassing but my site’s so delayed already it was suppoused to be launched the end of this week. Then at last after filling out the forms, I had to fall in line with different people and I even saw my English Teacher,people with LOTS of coins which I don’t know why and for what. And then it was my turn, everything went well, payed 50PHP for the charge since the money was to be deposited in a BDO Branch in an SM Mall at the Metro. But for a little something before it was my turn, I had to ask the woman I spoke earlier if there was a charge when depositing money to an account based at Metro Manila, she said “Nako meron ata, 50Pesos pero sa BPI walang charge kahit san.” Nag advertise pa! Coolness.

3 Things Blogging On WordPress For The Past 7 Months Taught Me

4 01 2010
  • Formality

I realized on my walk with WordPress that we can be crazily formal. Because when all is just crazy, no one would understand you anymore and it is very important to keep in touch with who’s reading your blog.

  • You don’t need a lot of money

Before considering blogging on WordPress I have tried a lot of times to have my own website FREE. But now it’s clear to me, that’s never gonna happen without letting out some cash off my wallet. Though, there are free stuff on the net that allows you to blog what you want(e.g Multiply). And FYI, social networks are different from blog sites. There, so from there on WordPress was the practically best thing on my opinion that offers you to just blog out what you have in mind. Besides those social networking and micro-blogging sites.

  • Patience+Creativity=Sucess in the blogosphere

In my blogging experience, I’ve learned not to be KSP (“attention hungry”) on the internet, desperate for page views. You’ll just get burned out if you do otherwise. Draining your creativity when it pops out freshly isn’t going to help, you’ll notice after a few days you’re coming up with non sense blog posts already and then soon you’ll lose your readers. So that’s it for the patience part, for the creativity part, it’s pretty self-explanatory. We can come up with anything with our brains, it’s using it wisely that’s a challenge. ;)

Worst Birthday So Far…

27 12 2009

So let’s make it quick, it’s December 27 already and my birthday is over. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who greeted my on my birthday and to those who still didn’t remember… Well yesterday we were at MOA and frankly, it was just a normal day. Now, i’m not expecting anything but those normal birthday things weren’t even there… I didn’t even have a birthday cake! Then we ate lunch at this certain restaurant, there were 2 of us having our birthday, some waiters were suppoused to sing this special number for birthday people but when they sang to me, they thought I was the other celebrant and even shouted the wrong name… And the most dissapointing of all, I know I have a lot of plans but this was the masterplan; I was suppoused to buy a DSLR. There, I was just suppoused to… The only thing that made my day is when we watched Avatar in IMAX and it was tremendously amazing! Oh well, thank God we can still count those seemingly little nice things when we think that everything’s trashed out now… For now, let’s see what happens next year. :)

Nothing Much

7 12 2009

That’s right. There’s nothing much happening lately besides that I always feel wasted and invisible in school. A lot of things just passed by and I think I’m just wasting time right now and I don’t know why. Im bouncing back while losing my own purpose. Oh well, being invisible is something; something that’s happening just this week for some reason; it’s like i’m a social outcast or something at school. I don’t feel like I belong already. This is all for now. :)

Abstracted At The Coffee Shop

23 11 2009

I enjoy thinking. To entertain thoughts to build my own personality, to personalize what would it be. Immense abstract ideas are waiting to be picked out and be sorted in proper order. Hot or cold, black or cappuccino it’s a mixture of interest.

Now, there’s this guy in here with an DSLR. I was wondering what he was doing. Well, I can see he’s eating brunch but does he really have to show his DSLR? Is it a lame move to show he’s a photographer? No one really knows. Just like what we write, what’s important to me is to share my ideas to the world and let them critize me constructively. The world is our stage and it’s God whom we please. So would this guy be a photographer? Or just someone who has a DSLR?


12 11 2009

In this world everything contradicts which intrests the possibility to patch up things together. Personally, I like combining contradicting stuff like dipping fries into my sundae. I simply find it very interesting because everywhere we go, everything has another side even when we think otherwise. No matter how complex something is, it could end up being simple, no matter how hot your coffee is, it will soon turn out to lose its “hotness”. Since everyone has their own perspectives in different situations… We just can’t please everyone. So let’s contradict to mix and mash them up coz’ being imperfect is what makes anything look perfect because anything genuine that we feel is just priceless unless it involves money I guess.

Even if they say slanderous I say the Truth shall reveal. The truth has to.