Site Moved

10 01 2010

This site will be stagnant starting today. This site will now move to its new domain,



17 09 2009

Redesign. Renovation. It’s all about just one thing–improvement. And now I have redesigned my blog. I hope it has improved,and you like it. :)


16 07 2009

Hello World! I haven’t updated ┬ámy blog since alot of things happened. To give you a brief description why I haven’t updated this blog…

  • I had SVI and Acute Bronchitis.
  • I was busy organizing our school’s Acquaintance Party since we are the Student Council of the school.
  • I can’t find time to update this blog for the past weeks because I had alot of things to fix.

So thank God i’m here at our house updating this blog! I miss blogging the things that are happening to my Life! :)


30 06 2009

Okay. I think you know that this blog has just started out and i’m facing the hardest thing about it right now and that is…


Maybe i’m just expecting too much from this blog… And honestly I don’t want this WordPress thing. I just want WordPress to by my CMS(Content Management System) and not my domain and webhost. I think has a lot of disadvantages compared to the .org because I can’t even edit my CSS here! They say I need to purchase something before I can save any changes into CSS! But in order to get a nice and reliable domain and webhost with WordPress only as my CMS I need money. So i’m just going to stick with this right now until I get my own job,credit card and enough money to support myself.

Someday there will be a site named’m not sure with the .ph though)…. So stay tuned for it. :)