30 12 2009

Hi everyone! I’m launching a new segment on my blog site called “Linkage”, in this segment i’ll post a lot(hopefully) of cool links suitable from photographers,graphic designers to an average joe that may help you in some way. So stay tuned! The first Linkage will posted on The 1st Day of the year! :)


Worst Birthday So Far…

27 12 2009

So let’s make it quick, it’s December 27 already and my birthday is over. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who greeted my on my birthday and to those who still didn’t remember… Well yesterday we were at MOA and frankly, it was just a normal day. Now, i’m not expecting anything but those normal birthday things weren’t even there… I didn’t even have a birthday cake! Then we ate lunch at this certain restaurant, there were 2 of us having our birthday, some waiters were suppoused to sing this special number for birthday people but when they sang to me, they thought I was the other celebrant and even shouted the wrong name… And the most dissapointing of all, I know I have a lot of plans but this was the masterplan; I was suppoused to buy a DSLR. There, I was just suppoused to… The only thing that made my day is when we watched Avatar in IMAX and it was tremendously amazing! Oh well, thank God we can still count those seemingly little nice things when we think that everything’s trashed out now… For now, let’s see what happens next year. :)

Nothing Much

7 12 2009

That’s right. There’s nothing much happening lately besides that I always feel wasted and invisible in school. A lot of things just passed by and I think I’m just wasting time right now and I don’t know why. Im bouncing back while losing my own purpose. Oh well, being invisible is something; something that’s happening just this week for some reason; it’s like i’m a social outcast or something at school. I don’t feel like I belong already. This is all for now. :)

Abstracted At The Coffee Shop

23 11 2009

I enjoy thinking. To entertain thoughts to build my own personality, to personalize what would it be. Immense abstract ideas are waiting to be picked out and be sorted in proper order. Hot or cold, black or cappuccino it’s a mixture of interest.

Now, there’s this guy in here with an DSLR. I was wondering what he was doing. Well, I can see he’s eating brunch but does he really have to show his DSLR? Is it a lame move to show he’s a photographer? No one really knows. Just like what we write, what’s important to me is to share my ideas to the world and let them critize me constructively. The world is our stage and it’s God whom we please. So would this guy be a photographer? Or just someone who has a DSLR?


12 11 2009

In this world everything contradicts which intrests the possibility to patch up things together. Personally, I like combining contradicting stuff like dipping fries into my sundae. I simply find it very interesting because everywhere we go, everything has another side even when we think otherwise. No matter how complex something is, it could end up being simple, no matter how hot your coffee is, it will soon turn out to lose its “hotness”. Since everyone has their own perspectives in different situations… We just can’t please everyone. So let’s contradict to mix and mash them up coz’ being imperfect is what makes anything look perfect because anything genuine that we feel is just priceless unless it involves money I guess.

Even if they say slanderous I say the Truth shall reveal. The truth has to.

Talking to A Living Null

25 10 2009

In this so-called “institution” I have talked to many. And most of them just doesn’t seem good to talk to in my observation. You go talk to them, you think everything’s resolved, but after just hours talking to them you find that everything’s still the same. You may think that it will take time but in this case after I talked to those people they just repeated their wrong doings again. And if you want another example, this person that I talked to, this person explained to me the scenario for over 30 minutes… And when I was explaining my side, I was talking in less or more than 30 seconds and this person already cut me again. I mean, how would they expect us to tell them what we feel if we were listening ONLY to their side and they were bringing the fault to us? Yeah, things might have gone our way sometimes but in this kinds of cases, it’s not the point. The important thing is we get to have a balanced dialogue of the situation. That’s why here is my channel. I’m tired of talking to a living null. They might hear you and they say they will do something but honestly; I think nothing’s happening. I know for myself that i’m not really good at talking right now but atleast I can talk and somehow do something about the situation. I appreciate that those people I have talked to have risked stuff but it’s not a matter already of having a fair share, it’s a matter of freedom of expression and being heard. I missed alot of subjects lately and what do I get? Everything’s the same living hell. But i’m still holding on, as long that we think what we’re fighting for is right i’m still not giving up. We will make peace and in the same way, love our enemies.

James 1:19

My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,

Leviticus 19:18

” ‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.

Psalm 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?

Ang TLE Room

18 10 2009

Tama bang pagbayarin mo kami kung anong dapat meron kayo? Tama ba na ipakita niyo samin ang karumal-dumal na dumi? Kasimple-simpleng baking pan. Dagdag pa na maruruming sandok, disposable spoon and fork at cups at purol na mga kutsilyo?! Yan ba ang TLE Room ng isang private school?!

The intention itself is already wrong.